Rating: 4 Stars

Publisher: Devil’s Crescent Publishing House

Genre: Erotic Horror

Tags: Contemporary. Dark Humor, Horror, Knife Play, Short Story, Stalking, Violent Sex Fetishes

Length: 29 Pages

Reviewer: Cindi

Purchase At: Amazon.com

Synopsis –

She picked up the phone and a man spoke: “Your husband, Jon, is having an affair,” said a tough-sounding voice in a thick Mancunian accent. She wants to see and hear it for herself, but what she discovers about her husband and his sordid sexual appetite shocks her to the core of her being – he has a fetish for blood and knives and murderous role-play. She discovers other strange things too. That the young mistress has a friend who wants to join them for a threesome. And, that they are planning to have a ‘dirty weekend’ in an isolated cabin in the Lake District. The games continue and this graphic little tale culminates with a horrific murder scene and an absolutely shocking twist…

Review –

Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.

Well, that was fun. In a creepy, warped, violent kind of way anyway.

It all starts when the wife is having lunch with a friend. During their weekly gossip (and drinking) session they discuss a mutual friend who’d committed suicide after killing her cheating husband and burying him in her backyard. Not long after this discussion Linda (aka the wife) gets an anonymous phone call telling her that her beloved husband is having a torrid affair. It doesn’t take much to discover it’s true. Dear old Jon’s facial expressions give him away as she tells him about the woman who’d killed her husband for being a cheating bastard. Once it’s confirmed, she puts a little plan in place. What she discovers next is that her husband isn’t just having an affair. He and the little trollop (not my word) get off on kinky knife play.

She was young – the trollop – not a day older than twenty-five.

When she overhears her husband and his mistress planning a threesome with another young woman, Linda knows just what to do.

This was an awesome little short. I would’ve liked to have had a couple of more pages added, but I was satisfied with the way everything came together. There’s a bit of a twist at the end that I didn’t quite see coming.

A very enjoyable read. I love horror. I especially love erotic horror. The Cabin was perfect.

Keep in mind that while the book may be short, the violence is quite graphic and may bother some.

I’ll definitely be seeking out more by this author.


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