About John: 

John is a scientist with a STEM background. He’s a major sci-fi buff and a proud, self-proclaimed nerd and Aspie. His favourite authors include Isaac Asimov, Arthur C Clarke, Robert Heinlein, and Robert Forward. His best-of book list includes Dragon’s Egg – Forward – Imperial Earth – Clarke – Macroscope – Piers Anthony, and the Foundation Series by Isaac Asimov, which he strongly believes is the “gold standard” of the sci-fi reading world.

John likes to read well written sci-fi, SFF, futuristic books. Anything with strongly developed worlds or well-developed science backgrounds are of most interest to him. It’s always important to John that books have scientific plausibility. He prefers to buy his own books as he feels it’s important for his review impartiality.

Also: John loves a good cup of tea. It seems he requires lots and lots of cups of tea daily to fuel his energy levels. He also enjoys a home DIY project. Star Trek has been his go-to since Christopher Pike was the original captain. His favourite two rock classics are When the Levy Breaks by Led Zeppelin and Telegraph Road by Dire Straits. John can be found regularly blogging about all things space elsewhere.

John’s Preferred Reading:

Science fiction.

Dystopian/futuristic books with a scientific foundation.

Military themed futuristic sci-fi/SFF stories.


John requires scientific plausibility in his reading. While he reads character romance/sex within a book if it fits the plot or characters, he feels it is relevant for many people, primarily romance-driven plots or over the top sex are definitely not where his interest lies.

John reads mobi format only

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