Rating: 4.5 Stars (Rating median of 3 Books)

Publisher: Self Published

Genre: Sci-Fi

Tags: Military

Length: 1078 Total Pages
Deliverance –
 Book One Kindle 350 pages $A0.99,
Deception – 
Book Two Kindle 346 pages $A3.99,
Desperation – 
Book Three Kindle 382 pages $A4.99.

Reviewer: John

Purchase At: amazon.com



**This review is for books #1 Deliverance, #2 Deception, and #3 Desperation of The Forgotten Colony Series. 



I find this series to be good overall value. What attracted me initially was the synopsis of the first book, Deliverance, and the fact it was 350 pages for AUD$0.99. That made it worth a try. It turned out to be a good read so I kept going and haven’t been disappointed so far. The series is a comfortable read, nothing awkward or highly improbable. The technology is believable, I’m happy that the physics is never outlandish.

If you like a fast pace, action packed, a non-stop, take no prisoners kill-a-thon, then, this is the series for you. With all the books well written & edited, with world building & character development skilfully executed, with more plot twists and turns than a road across the Swiss Alps, I have found them to be very entertaining reads.

Set initially upon Earth, then in a massive starship in space and ending, so far, upon another world, this author can really spin a tale.

The only slight negative I have found with the series is that the main character, Sergeant Caleb Card, in my opinion, can, at times, come across as a bit naïve and boy scoutish.


“My duty is to protect the people of Metro. Contractually, it ended the moment we reached solid ground, but I wasn’t made that way.”
 Dr. Brom frowned. “Bridge? Reached solid ground? I get the feeling there’s a lot more going on here than meets the eye.”
Caleb opened his mouth to explain, realizing he had hinted at something the vast majority of people in Metro didn’t and weren’t supposed to know.


“Sergeant Card? What the hell happened?”
“Riley punched you.”
She ran her tongue along the inside of her mouth, wincing at the pain. “I know that. Where is she?”

“About a meter to your left,” Caleb said. “She’s dead.”
“What?” Dante lifted her head too quickly, turning it to see Riley’s corpse. She put her hand to her temple. “Oh, damn that hurts.”
“I told you to take it easy,” Doctor Brom said.
“She’s dead?” Dante said. “I don’t  see a scratch on her.”

“Strangest damn thing I’ve ever seen, Sam,” Brom said. “She shot herself with your unloaded revolver, and it
 killed her.”


Shot and killed with Sam’s unloaded revolver, what a neat trick, but, here’s a hint, in this series, things are rarely what they appear to be.

This series is based around a group of marines, taking the equivalent to a current day Spec Ops team but using future technology. It’s military sci-fi through and through. It’s based around Sergeant Card, who is a highly trained, professional Marine, but it’s Sergeant Card within an elite group, one charged with trying to defend the human race against an alien invasion.

The Forgotten Colonies series is shaping up quite nicely as a series and I’m looking forward to the release of the promised fourth book, Destruction, and I hope that you, quite possibly, could enjoy them all as well.



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