About Cindi:

I’ve been a reader for as long as I could hold a book in my hand. What I read depends on my mood. I love romance, a good thriller, and definitely a good horror story. I love dark humor and if a book can make me laugh out loud it’s a winner for me. I hate rush, rush endings, and southern-speak in books makes me crazy. Please read my Reviewing Preferences as it does identify preferred reading.

Also: I’m a mother of three grown sons and an ‘adopted’ mother to most of their friends. I judge restaurants by their margaritas, not their food. I believe two of the greatest things in the world are chocolate and good black coffee – preferably at the same time.

Cindi’s Preferred Reading:

Horror – there’s not much horror I won’t read. I especially enjoy dark humor and erotic horror. I’m not a fan of books that have gore simply for shock value. Give me a good story or I’m not interested. There are few hard limits when it comes to the horror I read.

Supernatural/Paranormal  – ghosts are a favorite, as are vampires that don’t sparkle. 😉

Mystery/Suspense/Thriller – I love whodunits. I want to be surprised. I want to be guessing who the bad guy or girl is and their motives until the very end. If they’re meant to be guessed early on to carry the story that’s different. I’m a huge fan of almost any type of thriller – the darker the better

True Crime

Dark Humor

My favorites are books that give a glimpse of what made the bad guy or girl the way they are.

I almost never read Young Adult books.

It’s rare for me to read futuristic books or those with aliens.

I almost never read political, military, or mafia type books.

Cindi reads in mobi format only.





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