Rating: 4 Stars

Publisher: Sam West

Genre: Extreme Horror

Tags: Contemporary, Extreme On-Page Violence, Gore

Length: 105 Pages

Reviewer: Cindi

Purchase At: Amazon.com

Synopsis –

Welcome to Sunnyside, a bed and Breakfast in the blackened, festering heart of Broadgate – an English seaside town famous for its sex shops, amusement arcades, high-levels of unemployment and sea the colour of a rung-out dishcloth. 

Meet Gary Brown, the homicidal, suicidal, lonely, sexually-frustrated proprietor of Sunnyside. Come join Gary as he waits for his first ever guests to arrive. You know what they say; women are like busses – you wait around forever and then four come along at once… 

Meet Kimberly Henry, a well-to-do socialite who stumbles across Sunnyside after a steaming row with her husband and a two-hour drive from Kensington… Bad luck for her, one could say. 

It’s going to be one HELL of a night. 

Review –

It’s been awhile since I’ve reviewed a Sam West book. You can check out my reviews of two of them on our sister site, On Top Down Under, at these links – Djinn and Victim. Each of those reviews starts with a warning. I’m also throwing out one here for Gary’s Girls. This is EXTREME HORROR and there are quite a few things that may disturb some. I’ve said this before and this book proved it… Sam West is the only author who has ever made me gag while reading a book and I’ve read thousands of books, a lot of them horror.

With that being said…

Gary is one warped human being. He’s recently inherited an old falling down Bed and Breakfast from his mother. It’s not in the best of areas, though Gary doesn’t care either way. He’s done some remodeling and opened it for guests for probably the first time in decades.

Gary has sick fantasies. I’m not talking a bit of kink here and there. Gary’s fantasies involve acting out what he sees (and masturbates to) on the dark web. He’s so obsessed with it when he does the remodel of the B & B he adds secret doors, video cameras that record in real time, and rooms with his sick gadgets. He’s now gone from just fantasizing to wanting to act these things out for real. The video cameras also stream live online to other sick men like him. His plan is to create his own snuff films for their viewing pleasure.

He just has to wait for the right women to show up wanting to rent a room for the night. Oh, he has no intention of actually renting rooms to anybody. He just needs to get the right woman or women in the door, talk them into ‘renting one’ and then he can act out his sick fantasies. He has no problem turning away those that he’s not attracted to. He simply tells them he has no vacancies.

Unfortunately, Kimberly shows up and she’s exactly who Gary is looking for. She’s just left her cheating husband and needs some time to think. She’s a bit too high class for Gary’s place but she’s tired and desperate. That turns out to be the biggest mistake of her life. Not long after she arrives, others do. This is when Gary’s sick ‘party’ begins.

I won’t say more than that.

This was a good horror story. I just know to be prepared going into one of her books because of the gross factor. There’s only one particular scene like that in Gary’s Girls but it’s something others might want to skim over. I can read gore without a problem usually. Gross, not so much. 🙂 There was a bit of a twist at the end that I really didn’t see coming.

I do find myself wanting to know more about Tristian, a character who makes an appearance later. I know there’s more about him in another book The Dark Side of Red, that I’m sure I’ll read someday. I liked that he was mysterious, though I didn’t love him so much as a character.

It was nice reading another Sam West story. I recommend it to those who are good with what I mention in my warnings and the review.


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