Rating: 5 Stars

Publisher: D.M. Wolfenden

Genre: Horror

Tags: Contemporary, Dark Humor, Past Abuse, Serial Killer, Graphic Violence

Length: 52 Pages

Reviewer: Cindi

Purchase At: Amazon.com

Synopsis –

Well, hello, Sugar, my name is Joanna… 
That’s the introduction that all my victims get. It’s nice to be polite. 
Even serial killers have manners. 

I know what I do isn’t normal, but I also know that I do the country a service. 
And the world is better off with me in it. You’ll understand. 
See, I was once the victim. 
Hurt by the one who should have taken care of me. 
Let down by the system that should have protected me. 
Now I vow to help others, and if I have to hurt people to do it. I will. 

Review –

This is another book where the reader knows exactly why the so-called bad guy, or girl in this case, is the way they are. Joanna’s entire story comes out slowly as you read the book. When you end it you know exactly what turned her into a serial killer. And, honestly? It’s hard not to sympathize with her.

Hell, it’s hard not to cheer her on. While I’m not saying what she does is right (it isn’t), but who hasn’t wanted to see horrible criminals get theirs?

Joanna only kills the worst of the worst – pedophiles, rapists, those who commit other horrible crimes. She doesn’t just go out and kill at random.

Joanna herself is a victim. At one point in her life she was forced to endure things that nobody should ever have to endure. The justice system doesn’t always work in a victim’s favor, as we see way too often in the real world. This is what happened with Joanna. Her abuser was prosecuted but she didn’t feel that his punishment was severe enough, hence her seeking justice of her own against those who harm others.

The violence Joanna inflicts is on page and it’s extremely graphic. If you’re squeamish this book isn’t for you.

This was an excellent horror short. While I may or may not agree with what Joanna does, I get it. She doesn’t want anybody else to be a victim. Her taking out the ‘bad guys’ is her way of saving others, one at a time.

The cover is perfect.

Note that the author lists victim resources at the end of the book.


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